EcoLoop Recycled Notebook

Introducing the EcoLoop Recycled Notebook with Elastic Strap & Pen Loop—a conscious choice for sustainability and style. Crafted with a firm commitment to the environment, over 99% of this notebook is sourced from post-consumer waste, aligning seamlessly with eco-friendly practices.

Immerse yourself in the tactile delight of a smooth finish with a subtle grain that gracefully darkens when debossed. This versatile notebook offers personalization through foil blocking or full-colour printing.

Customization Options:

  • Variety of Cover Colours: Choose from a vibrant range of colours to tailor your notebook cover to your personal style or brand aesthetic.
  • Mix and Match Elastic and Ribbons: Elevate your notebook by selecting from a vast array of colours for the elastic strap and ribbons. Create a unique combination that perfectly complements your brand identity.

Make a statement with your note-taking while positively impacting the planet—choose the EcoLoop Recycled Notebook for an eco-conscious and personalized writing experience.


  • Made in the UK using 100% renewable energy
  • More than 99% recycled from Post Consumer Waste
  • Every notebook sold contributes to Tree Aid environmental charity
  • Recyclable
  • Elemental Chlorine Free
  • Developed with a latex-free base
  • Free of lead, chlorine, phthalates, heavy metals, and PH-neutral
  • Water-based glue
  • Elastics crafted from natural rubber, not synthetic
  • Vegan-friendly

HOW TO RECYCLE ME: When your journey with our EcoLoop Notebook reaches its end, simply tear off the pen loop, elastic, and ribbon, and place them in your household recycling. Embrace the full lifecycle of sustainability!

Product Specifications