Sustainability and CSR

At Activate Branding we believe there is nothing more important than looking after the environment around us and the people within it. We appreciate that the global uptake of fully sustainable practice isn’t going to happen overnight, but we can certainly help push things in the right direction and promote the benefits of efficiency and sustainability in the way that we operate and the products we produce.

Sustainability & Project Seagrass

Our mantra is simple. We aim to make the ordering and use of branded promotional merchandise as straight forward, cost-effective, and as sustainable as possible.  All three of these elements help to cut waste, improve efficiency, and decrease environmental deterioration. We consider these not to be ‘ideal’ but absolutely ‘essential’.

Did you know?! Some types of Ocean Seagrass capture carbon up to 35 times faster than tropical rainforests and, even though it only covers 0.2% of the seafloor, it absorbs 10% of the ocean’s carbon each year, making it an incredible tool in the fight against climate change.

For this reason, Activate Branding have chosen Project Seagrass as their preferred charity partner. Project seagrass are an environmental charity devoted to the conservation and restoration of seagrass ecosystems through education, influence, research and action making them an all-round excellent charity. 

A proportion of the revenue generated from our sustainable Hero products range goes towards helping the work of Project Seagrass.   

Coffee, wheat & tea

Reduce the burden of environmental pollution by developing products with environmentally friendly materials. By using innovative processes, materials like coffee, wheat and tea can be mixed with biodegradable plastic to create more eco-friendly products and contribute to a better world.


More than 75% of plastic waste goes to landfill. This has a huge impact on the environment. This is our world, let’s reduce the pollution caused by waste. Recycled PET (RPET) reduces unnecessary waste. Plastic bottles are collected, reformed into PET pellets and then spun into a yarn which can be used to produce all sorts of useful, everyday products like bags, clothing, hats and reusable drinkware, giving a second life to this previously wasted material.

Impact Aware

The IMPACT collection is a line of products that aim to make a positive impact. There is a responsibility towards the environment that cannot be ignored. The IMPACT collection focuses on the use of water. For each IMPACT product sold, a proportion of proceeds is donated to support to change lives with safe water. More info on


One of the fastest growing pants which can replenish itself within a year. Bamboo is a renewable and sustainable resource, strong and durable and 100% natural and biodegradable, providing a natural and attractive look and feel.


The strongest, natural vegan fibre which needs 50% less land and 65% less water to grow compared to cotton. The unused parts of the plant are ploughed back into the ground and used as natural fertiliser. Growing well without pesticides, hemp is a renewable resource that’s organically cultivated. Extremely durable and long lasting, hemp looks great, feels good and is amazing for the environment.